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About Me

Talking to a therapist can be daunting, whether or not you have done it before. It can be hard to reveal things about yourself, and to trust someone you don’t know. I work relationally, which means I view the relationship that we develop together as the way we can explore your experiences safely, without them overwhelming you. It is in this relationship that the therapeutic ‘work’ happens.

Through this exploration, you can start gaining the insights that will help you. I will support you without being judgemental. My aim will be for you to gain a greater understanding of your self, and to feel more fulfilled and integrated. However, the actual agenda of our sessions, and the material you share with me, will always be yours to decide.

Whether you want short, or long-term therapy, we start with an assessment session. It helps me check that I have the skills to help you (if not, I can signpost other sources of therapy), and lets you decide if you want to work with me. There is no obligation to go forward if it doesn’t feel right.

After that, sessions (55 minutes) are at a regular time each week (gaps can be negotiated). All information you share with me will be treated confidentially, though there are some limits to confidentiality which I'll explain when we meet. I work with adults of all ages, and believe that the human longing for growth does not cease when we get older. My practice also includes many clients who have experienced bereavement or other kinds of loss, or the lack of good enough parenting in childhood.

Spirituality, dreams, silence, the perceptions of our senses, metaphor, play, and other kinds of creativity all have a place in therapy, and I am open to exploring any and all of them with you. Communication is much more than just talking.



Devon    EX32

07960 851506


Training, qualifications and experience

I originally studied literature, and later as a book editor, and language, poetry, and metaphor are still things I love.

My psychotherapy training is in Integrative Therapy (Levels 4 and 5), and simultaneously I trained as a bereavement volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care. I continue to volunteer for them, and have a Cruse Supervisor qualification.

As part of my ongoing CPD I have done the 3-day "LGBTQ+ Confidence and Competence" course at Studio One, Exeter.

I have also worked at a GP surgery, providing time-limited counselling to clients referred by the doctors.

Your first appointment is £30 as this is your initial assessment of 1 hour duration. (Subsequent appointmets are £40.)

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